Exhaust System Repair

Your vehicle’s exhaust and emissions system are important for your safety and also for the environment.

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Exhaust System Repair in Weymouth, MA

Your vehicle’s exhaust and emissions system are important for your safety and also for the environment. It helps to prevent toxic fumes from building up inside your vehicle and a working system will ensure that you receive the best possible fuel efficiency. A problem with the exhaust or emissions system should be repaired as soon as possible. At JB Auto CARE in Weymouth, MA, our ASE certified mechanics are experienced repairing exhaust and emissions systems on all makes and models of vehicles. As soon as you notice an issue with your vehicle’s exhaust system or your vehicle is failing an emissions test, bring your vehicle into the experts here at our Newton and Watertown auto repair shops for an inspection.

Common symptoms of exhaust or emissions system problems include:

  • Check engine light turns on
  • Gas smell when vehicle is running
  • Loud exhaust
  • Low fuel efficiency
  • Rattling noises
  • Reduced engine performance
  • Vehicle fails emissions test

As your vehicle runs, the engine emits harmful gases as part of the combustion process. The exhaust system controls and converts those gases into less harmful gases to protect your passengers and the environment. A common cause of an exhaust system problem is a failing catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is an important component of the exhaust system, because it is the part that converts harmful gases and converts them into less harmful ones. A faulty catalytic converter will usually need to be replaced. Problems with the actual exhaust can be detected if the exhaust is suddenly very loud, is hanging, or you start to smell gas when your vehicle is running.

Common problems with the exhaust/emissions system include:

  • Bad catalytic converter
  • Clogged muffler
  • Faulty oxygen sensor
  • Leaks
  • Part corrosion
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